-If people in this city keep going on about preserving these buildings we will never move forward as a city. Louisville needs to keep up with other big surrounding cities. We already lost the FFA Convention till 2024 and may not get them back then because we didn't have enough hotels. So, now we are building hotels... a little late on that forfront. I say tear Colonial Gardens down and move on people. -I believe it should be torn down as it is just too expensive to renovate and not particularly an attractive building.  They' re so many things that could be done to bring beauty and local business to our area.    Robin      40214
-I wish instead of building new buildings for new business, why cant they just take a old run down vacant building and fix it up and move in there..
-Preserve it,people love nostalga...... Kevin 40258 
-Colonial Gardens is a fascinating historical site, but the people living right around it have no idea what its history even is. An enterprising business could renovate and restore the site, and make it a useful part of the community once more. The location is ideal for a restaurant, nightclub, or hotel. But if it's torn down we'll likely end up with another drug store or parking lot. Haven't we lost enough local color and heritage in Louisville? Save what remnants we have left! 
-Make it a Community Center for kids??? Like we have at Beechmont and the old St. John Vianney or right next to it? I think not! Restaurants or a shopping center would be nice!
-It definitely is an eye-sore. It is a very busy corner and deserves to be of use to all citizens of Louisville and beyond. Tear it down soon and install a historic site plaque. M. Kopatz 40216
-It's a shame that all that money was spent to make that shopping center look attractive.  I think they did a wonderful job on the outside, but the best they could do is a Peddler's Mall? Enough of the junk stores. 
   AD 40108
-I have the answer. Relocate the colonial gardens building to the overlook area at the top of Iroquois Park and actually preserve the god-forsaken thing once and for all by explaining the supposed history and importance of the former zoo and bar. Then let the former developer build a much needed improved shopping center on the current corner of New Cut and Kenwood. Problem solved.I am sure those individuals that are so concerned about the dumpy old building would be glad to pitch in and carry some lumber to the top for old times sake, heh? Then the rest of us can avoid looking at the eyesore. Everyone one wins. Thank you, R.J.C. South Louisville
-Relocate it to the top of Iroquois Park and allow the former developer to continue on with their plans. Preserve it's history near the overlook. That would cut down on vandalism up there and restore the one rare gem that this area has, an OVERLOOK!! 
R.J.C. 40214

-I don't care so much about the building one way or the other as long as something is done to make that building on the corner of Kenwood and New Cut look nicer.  I wish I had the money to refurbish the building and make it look like the Westport Villiage and then either put a few shops inside like a book store, an art supply store, a coffee shop, a restaurant or a game venue similar to Incredible Daves.  We need something that would bring the community together and provide jobs.  If someone wants to give me the money, I will be glad to open an Art Supply store with a Coffee Shop/Cafe and have a few classrooms and a gallery for the art produced by the students....My Dream would produce jobs, beautify the community, bring the community together and make me happy!!  Karen 40214

-Tear the building down!!!.  Rob

-It should be preserved.  Anonymous

-The History of all communities is in trouble if,the neighborhood interest is destruction.However lets build a youth center and help the youth get more involved in the qualities and characteristics of one area or lets just tear them down like a building.  This is my point of view :) Tim Childers Community Leader.

-How much history did the Executive Inn have.It was torn down and no peep was heard from anyone.Colonial Gardens sits there with the only people willing to do anything with the property blocked from improving the area.I say to set a time limit and if no one comes forward to renovate it in the set time then demolition should be approved for any potential buyer.I think it has sat long enough but maybe SOME OF THE PEOPLE WANTING TO SAVE IT COULD COME UP WITH SOME PLAN AND DOLLARS TO RESTORE IT.  Anonymous

-The only people who want to destroy Colonial Gardens are those who can't be bothered to educate themselves about the site's history. It's a promising site, if the right kind of management is put in place- something that will honor the history. We don't need another nightclub or, God forbid, another parking lot. It's the last of a type of vanished community landmark, the beer garden. Surely something can be done that takes its history into account.   Anonymous

-We just rode by that ugly eye sore and it's up for sale. Hope they tear it down. and build a restaurant. Anonymous
-The Colonial gardens was a fun place to go once upon a time. You could eat, Karaoke, dance. Now its time has passed. We need to tear down old structures in Louisville so we can continue to keep the city looking nice with new buildings. Or opt to tear the building down and leave the area vacant so nearby businesses could expand parking lots if needed.
B. Nunn

-Tear down the eye sore. A nice sit down restaurant would be nice.  The place is a big eye sore. It needs to be tore down. It ugly's up the neighborhood.  Anonymous

-A restaurant, There would be a lot of business from the park on weekends I think, This area needs restaurants.  Anonymous

-Another example of the minority governing the majority. Most likely people who do not live in the area.  Anonymous
-The place is a big eye sore...Anonymous
-Dear Weekly,
     I was very disappointed to read that the proposal to demolish Colonial Gardens had been denied.  The building is an eyesore and degrading to our community.  We have a group of investors who are ready to give us something we can be proud of again.  A new development could revitalize the park and the South End.  It would also be an asset to Churchill Downs and surrounding areas.  Please reconsider and give our community something we can enjoy and share with  our neighbors.  Sincerely, Robin G. Stamm

-Being old doesn't make it sacred. has served its purpose long ago. demolish the building and move forward.  Gerlach 40208

-It is doing the community no good if it is not open and it is just sitting there rotting away...it is so ugly right now. at least paint it. Anonymous

-Tear down Colonial Gardens. It's nothing but an eyesore.
Dwight Ralston
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 Submit Your Wish for the Southwest
Tell us what you wish for the Southwest.  Be Creative!  It could be a restaurant, store, or business or any ideas to improve our community.  Please share with us what you would like to see happen in the Southwest and we may publish your ideas in our weekly paper and online.  
           Type your wish below and click submit.
Should Colonial Gardens be Demolished?Yes
No Opinion
What is your opinion about Colonial Gardens?  Should it be demolished?  Or should it be preserved?  Type your comments below.  We will post your comments online and we may print your comments in the weekly paper.

What’s Your Wish for the Southwest?
What is your wish for the Southwest?  Do you have an idea, hope, or dream to improve our community?  Do you wish there were a restaurant, store, or business in the Southwest?  Share what you would like to see happen in the Southwest with The Local Weekly and we may publish your idea in the weekly paper and our website.  Submit your wish.  Please include your first name or initials and zip code unless you wish to remain anonymous.  Mrs. Lloyd, of 40215, has submitted the first wish.  Here it is.
My dream and hope is a local bookstore will open in the Shively area.  New and used books to interest all ages to read and an area to trade books.  There is also a need for help and information on higher education to help our area go to the next level of success.  Thank You, Mrs. Lloyd 

Here are more wishes and ideas for our community.  Thank you for contributing.
  •  I wish for a traffic signal t the intersection of Terry road and West Pages lane. Since recent development, there has been an increase in traffic in this area and I feel this intersection has become dangerous.  
  • I wish they would pave the roads in Valley Station or at least remove the speed bumps on Dixie Hwy. 40272
  • I live in the 40272 area and my wish for my small part of the southwest area is that we stop allowing a flea market and/or salvage store to take over every corner in valley station.we also have our fill of car part stores as well.we need to fill these empty buildings with affordable stores and restaurants for example a chic fil a or an old navy! we need things to build this part of town into a clean and inviting addition to Louisville.
  • So sick of dollar stores car lots & ETC Would like to to see more places to eat. WW Cousins would be nice. Seem about all we have is fast food places. Frances Foley 40258 
  • ​Everyone in our neighbor tries to keep their homes and property looking nice. BUT across the street from us is two abandon houses. They are eyesores as one is partly burned down. The lots are not mowed often, and it encourages vagrants as well as rats. My wish is that we could get something done about houses such as these in the Southwest. Thank you 40272 Pat C. 
  • I would love to see more things for kid and teens. A good park in valley village would be nice a must is a slide they can go down. 40272
  • We need more places for teens and more for them to do so they will stay out of trouble! Miss 40258
  • My Wish for the Southwest would be the new Public Library we were promised. Karen Popplewell 40272
  • I would love to see a book store and a decent clothing store like Dillard's or Kohl's. I would like to see these business closer to the Shively  area.  RMW 40216
  • Kohl's for sure! A Grandy's Restuarant too. Clean up on roadsides to make Dixie Hwy more attractive would be great. Too many weeds growing up around run down closed business'. 40272
  • I would like to see more volunteer clean up groups. I know of Two cleanups for the year and it seems to be a big success. I HATE to see people littering. 40258
  • I would like to see a Barnes&Nobles or Borders bookstore.  I would like it if they would renovate the inside of Dixie Dozen.  Nicer restaurants. Nicer place to shop.  And I would like if from now one that when they build something on Dixie, it's not a car wash, bank, or check n' cash. AD 40108
  • I wish that the residents in the southwest area, particularly the Shively area, would make more of an effort to clean up yards and roadways. Apparently some people think the world is their garbage can, and can throw trash down wherever they are. This is so frustrating to those of us who take pride in our yards and neighborhoods!!! Please stop littering!! It makes the whole area look bad!!! Take pride in your homes and neighborhoods! All the upscale businesses won't matter at all if our cities are covered with trash and litter!!!  D.N. 40216
  • Bottom line here folks is HELP keep the businesses we have going and others will SEE that it's worth putting their businesses here in the Shively,PRP,and Valley Station area.   MC 40258
  • I would love to see a Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby, Michaels or other type of craft store in this area.  K 40214
  • I wish that someone would purchase the old Colonial Gardens and refurbish the building to look similar to the buildings in the Westport Villiage shopping center.  It could be an entertainment venue similar to Incredible Daves or a really nice restaurant/meeting venue.  Maybe a paid parking situation could be worked out with the City and/or Parks Department to utilize the current parking at the Ampitheatre  or a two-level parking garage could be built in this lot that would bring in additional revenue for the park.  The old dry cleaners has yet to take on a new business, maybe the parking garage could go on that location.  Karen 40214
  • I wish that Dixie Hwy's road will be re-paved. Pot holes pop up all the time.   N.R. 40272
  • A bookstore and a kids activity center.  (like All About Kids)     Jackie - 40216
  • Would love to have a place to shop (like Kohls).  Would love to see a Chili's or a Outback.  Please no more car lots or Walgreens. Please get rid of the Peddlers Mall.  People call the Southend trash, and with the Peddlers Mall, I have to agree. What about a place to celebrate kids b-day parties.  Would like to see a Pump it Up. CHICK FIL A ,   Anonymous, 40258
  • I want to begin by thinking the south west dream team for the slap in the face on wanting somthing for the "SHIVELY"area not "south west",and each and every one of you that are really talking about Peddler's mall,For allowing me to be part of this very special event. So there is a typical cycle to community crises, whether it be a lime stone quarry in Battle town, a strip mine in harlan county,mall sprawl in Okolona or a hazardous waste incinerator in Kosmodale,people come together, its remarkable that each of you has devoted so much time to be bitter advocates for community-building.Also I was there the day seay properties told people at a meeting with the dream team, meanwhile the dream team wanted a kohls to be their in the spot the mall is in so what I see is a miss understanding of communication. on "who" is responsiblitty for it? for allowing seay to be in that location, they spent alot of money on the property thats why their is a medical mall there aswell, so lets focus on the south side of Dixie where the dream team is not working and lets come together for a common goal.  Anonymous
  • We need a Chick-Fil-a in the area they are only in the malls and out in the East End and they are always PACKED!! Great thing right off Gene Snyder at Dixie/Bethany Lane  (Colonial Gardens) It's a huge eyesore on the entire area and should be gone.  Just horrible that this area has this many style stores like this! We have more pride then that, come on people lets stop this!!
  • My wish for the Valley Station to hold a Town meeting,Today Iv'e meet someone that is more involed in this area than anyone would think,He I'll say is promoting a community meeting after the new year and its for all of us,so my wish is that he moves fast like lighting,support this gentelmen on what he say's keeping Valley station great Anonymous 40272
  • My wish after being in the centers for neighborhoods is that we the new valley station,could put this place on the map and inform the community that we were the first neighborhood out of all louisville metro fyi.also I wish to teach what Iv'e learned free of charge what the centers for neighborhood have taught me.you would be SHOCKED!  Tim Childers, 40272
  • The South End needs a mainstream bookstore.The closest one in in the Jefferson Mall.  Anonymous
  • Bookstores, Panara Bread Company, and Smoothie King   Anonymous
  • I would love to see a Dennys Restraunt out here like the one in Shepardsville. They have wonderful food.  Beverly Nunn 40216
  • Wish we could get an IHOP here on Dixie! It would give us some much needed jobs and the food is outstanding. the closest one we have is in Clarksville In. 40272 milliron
  • I would like to see the pier (platform) located at the Farnsley Moreman Home cleaned up. This was built originally to be used as a docking point for cruises on the Spirit Of Jefferson. It could be used as a great viewing point for wildlife along the river. I visit this location frequently throughout the year as a stop during bicycle rides.   Anonymous
  • Red Lobster and Olive Garden.....  Anonymous
  • My wish for the Southwest is that some of these empty lots between Gene Snyder and West Point would be with filled with some nice sit in restaurants or business that are not liquor stores or bars. Where family and friends can enjoy and support. There is not many large chains restaurants in this area. All there is is fast food. Many families that want to go to a sit in restaurant have to go to Shively, Preston Hwy area and sometimes farther to have a nice place to eat. Take a look at the traffic that comes through this area from Hardin County, Meade and Elizabeth town area. If some big chain restaurants came to this area, they would be filled and supported by the local community and surrounding counties. We all like to eat in nice places, so it would be nice to eat closer to home! Eugene and Jenny Cotton
  • I wish they would clean up dixie, closed and remove some of the bars, junk stores, and car lots. I am sick looking at the old buildins along dixie. Clean up this end of time frim salt river to 264 watterson expressway then other companys and stores might move to this end of the town. Plus AX the cash checking and pawn shops also.  Anonymous
  • I wish we had some restuants like chili's, culvers and chik-fil-a even cracker barrel on dixie hwy. i also wish we had a sam's club attached to one of our walmarts in this area(outerloop or raggard rd) we need a good book store like the Barnes and Nobles or even a used book store like half price books on hurstbourne parkway. we need a light on the corner of greenwood road and the back enterance to the kroger on terry it is so dark there....i could go on and on...dixie deserves a face lift..and why are all the discount stores located in the rich end of town?   Lena 40272
  • I would like to see a nice restaurant like the Macaroni Grill. Emily Sanders 40272
  • I would like to see a Panera Bread restaurant. We need some healthier alternatives to fast food in this end of town. Whitney Chandler 40272
  • Decent restaurants (other than fast food), and a place to buy name brand clothing (other than rejects) are two things I would like to see in the southwest end of town. Another wish if for some of the doctors in the old Dillard's building refuse (somehow!) to let Peddler's Mall take up residence. It's a crime!!  Anonymous
  • I would like to see a Krispy Kreme in the valley station area.  Roy Henderson 40272
  • I wish I could get answers regarding the high hazard coal ash pond at the Cane Run Rd LG&E Plant.  I've asked questions to the EPA, the owners of LG&E and Army Corp of Engineers.  We are in a high hazard area right across the street from this pond.  What are the emergency plans in case of a breach, will there be probable deaths, will we be the probable deaths?  I have been told it's full, what about the integrity, I've heard they need to build another one, since this plant should have been phased out many years ago, why are they continually allowed to dump the fly ash and bottom ash.  How high can they pile the solid stuff, it's so ugly.  Anonymous
  • I wish to have a Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Dixie manor.  And a Heine Brothers Coffee Shop  Chris Dalton, 40272

  • The YMCA is allowed to use the park. No fair Jerry! Just charge $5.00 a car to use the park. 
  • Can we get the ditches beside the railroad tracks cleaned up? They are a mess. Anonymous

  • I would love to see an indoor amusement area like at Kart Country in the SW area. Kids need a place like that to go to. I think we were going to have one but, it never opened up all the way.  Anonymous

  • I would like to see a Cracker Barrel built on Dixie Hwy. next to the Snyder Expressway.  I believe it would do very well.  Presently, we have to drive too far to eat there.  Judy P. 

  • Super Target, Costco and less walmart's.  Anonymous

  • We need a few nicer restaurants in the southwest area. Something like a Red Lobster, Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill would be nice. We need more shoppping options than Burlington Coats, Target, Meijer and Marshalls. Why does the East End have everything and we have nothing????  Anonymous

  • I would love to have a really nice department store where I could buy nice clothes without chasing out to Jefferson Mall.  My friends all agree with me.  Barbara Livingston   40258

  • Something more then flea markets or peddlers mall a good place to eat like Olive Garden ,Red Lobster.  Thank you           Sue 40272

  • The citizens of Metro Louisville's south end deserve to have a few nice sit down restaurants on Dixie Highway. You know: tablecloths, real silverware that matches, possibly candles or fresh flowers on every table?  Birthday restaurants, I call them. A special place we look forward to going to for a celebration dinner. The Macaroni Grill and Bravo's are good examples. Or a very nice steak house or two.  Why must south end residents be forced to drive to Hurstborne Lane, St. Matthews or downtown for a special meal? Mexican restaurants have been popping up all over the county for the past several years, as have the large buffets. These are fine for a weeknight or Friday night meal. But for those times we want to go somewhere special, the south end is sadly missing out. I'd prefer to spend my money closer to my own neighborhood, but since we lack the nicer restaurants, we must spend our money elsewhere. Sad...isn't it?     Rita Pence 40214

  • There's alot of us in Valley Station that would like to see restaurants in Valley Station.  Why does everything have to be so far up the highway?  Alot of poeple can't drive that far.  The best and biggest reason let's build and concentrate on Valley Station.  Let's catch up!   Everything has grown all around , but here.   Anonymous

  • My wish is for a place to dock or moor a U.S. Water Patrol, Patrol/Rescue boat at or around River view park on Greenwood Rd so we can have a boat already in the water and ready to assist the boaters & public year round.  
Adm. Larry T Sakai. 40258-2760  U.S. Water Patrol

  • Fireworks and some type festival 4th July. Up grade of resturants. JC Penny out here maybe old bingo next to Kroger at Bethany lane or close by.  More infomation on activity what is going on in the area. 

  • Would love to have a Baskin-Robbins in the area!  It took several years for us to get a White Castle and believe it's doing great.  Think the same would hold true for a Baskin Robbins.

  • I would like to see the Valley Station Post Office 40272 remain open on Dixie Highway, and NOT close and all services move to the PRP Post Office.
  Mike McFarland 40272

  • I would like to see a waffle house or cracker barrel come to valley station. 
  Roy Henderson 40272

  • My wish for the Southwest would be a more upscale but affordable place to shop, Kohl's would have been great, I think we should keep trying.   
 Brenda N.   40258

  • If wishes would come true, I would wish that Southwest Jefferson County would have the same growth as the other sections  of our County (and even Southern, Indiana-- such as book stores, quality family-style restaurants,(not fast food places),arts and craft stores providing the artist/crafter the necessary  materials for his/her endeavor, parks/playgrounds for children, sporting goods stores, etc. etc.--In a nutshell " G R O W T H "  - but growth with an eye to providing the right type of facilities in this area.  And to add to this wish, I would hope the increasing number of used car lots would slow down.  Shirley - 40258

  •  Definitely NEED a Michaels!! I usually drive to Indiana to go there...which has higher tax...not to mention Indiana is getting my tax money! Kohls would be nice too. Everything is just so far away from this end of town. MB 40216
  •   It would be wonderful to have a Red Lobster in the Valley Station area. Getting ready to drive all the way to Okolona to eat tonight! Thanks - L. Livers Valley Station
  •   Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Heine Brother's Coffee. 
  •  We need a resturant like Rafertys or maybe a cheddars. Dean 40214
  •   For me, a Michaels! For my husband, a bookstore! Kayla M 40272
  •   Mcalister's and Panera restaurants
  •   My wish is we get a small Christian bookstore out here. Instead of driving to the Outerloop. B.N
  •   I wish we had a Trader Joes or a Whole Foods store, we need healthier options without having to drive so far! I would love to see a Moe's, a book store, a Christian book store, Joanns, Comfy Cow, and Panara come to our end of town. H. 40216
  •  My son and all his friends would love to see a Chick-Fil-A come to the south end-Me too!      RS  40214
  •   I'd LOVE to see a Panera Bread along Dixie.  With that addition, I'd have everything I need.  Debbie 40272
  •  I'd like to see a Chick fill a, bookstore and a I HOP. Please no more banks car wash and car lots we have enough. JB 40272 
  •   I would love to see a Christian bookstore and gift shop open in the area.  This type of business would attract church-going people who would patronize the establishment. Unknown
  •  I would love to have a BON WORTH clothing store in one of the following zips:  40216, 40258, 40272 area.  This store carries all sizes and especially ones for undertall ladies.  The clothes are attractive and reasonably priced and always a bargain.  Most ladies are looking for ways to buy nice clothes without paying a high price for them. jag 40216
  •   We need a nice department store out this way like a J.C. Penneys or Kohl's!  NH 40258   
  •  Please help me spend my hard earned money in the southend instead of driving to Okolona and beyond.  The southend needs a Sam's Club, JC Penny, Kohl's, Dillard's, Panera, McCallister's, Olive Garden, and basically any other type of dine-in family restaurant.  The smut shops on Dixie need to go elsewhere.  Are more shops going to be built on the Cracker Barrel land?  Also, the bingo/cheer building next to the new Kroger would be a prime location for a shopping center that could house a dozen or more new stores and restaurants.  Thank you to Zaxby's for investing in SW Jefferson County!  CKS 40272
  •  We need a Chick-fil-a, Zaxby's and a Christian bookstore.  We Don't need another auto parts store, tire store, funeral home or bank. Or car lot. Dixie has that covered.  TE 40272.
  •  I second the need for a Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, Michaels, etc.  As an artist, I must go to the Jeff Mall area or E-town area to purchase my needs.   We seem to be the forgotten part of the county - but we are finally getting some restaurants - great. Shirley M.
  •  We need upscale localy owned restaurants like the east end enjoys. National chains give us more dining options but do not bring folks from other parts of town. Notice the reviews in the CJ or leo. They are all in the east end. You will not ever see them review a Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel as they are all the same, no matter the location. Tim Keith 40272
  •  We need a place to purchase healthy food like Earth Fare or Trader Joes instead of having to drive to the east end.  And a Hobby Lobby, Michael's and/or Garden Ridge. And overnight and weekend vet care aside from Shively Animal Hsp. RG 40216
  • As a longtime Shively resident, I would love to give the Southwest what our area been screaming for for a long time...a top quality gourmet ice cream shop on Dixie Hwy! Why? Because if you think about it, there is no place to get delicious, healthier, and REAL ice cream (not soft serve) anywhere on Dixie between the Watterson and the Gene Snyder, or anywhere on Dixie in the Louisville area for that matter. Finding the right location, a startup business friendly landlord, and a REASONABLE lease has proven to be very frustrating! I have the best product (nothing artificial, no additives or preservatives, no chemicals), the equipment, the business acumen and drive but need a location with the potential for success. I have been mobile for 7 years and would really love to open a stationary location  here in the Shively/PRP/Valley Station area ASAP!! OTB (dba)O's Cool Ice Cream 40216
  •  I would like to see another gym open in the PRP/Valley Station area. At this time we only have LA Fitness and they are a disappointment.   Marty
  •  A Jack in the Box on Dixie would be amazing! I love their burgers. Todd 40272
  • My husband and i would love to have a few better grade dine-in family restaurants like olive garden or the macaroni grill so we would not have to take a two hour trip across town when we would like to have something other than fast food, by the way, thank you to cracker barrel.We would also like to have a good shopping area such as a up to date mall with stores like J.C.Penney and Sears and Macy's. This area is becoming more populated and is growing very rapidly. We also need book stores and hobby shop's.We definitely have enough car lots, auto part's stores and funeral homes. Thank's, L.T.    
  • We need a Planet Fitness Center.!!!!There was so many of us was for sure that one was going in at Walmart we was ready only to be told it wasn't Instead of making us drive to Jefferson Mall. we don't need any more junk clothing stores like Ross or Michaels. Need more fine dining, We Don't need anymore low in junk stores like Ross ....Michael's...any more dollar stores. we have enough junk clothing stores. More fine dining resturants. tired of driving cross town and spending my money when it could be spent in Valley/ PRP S.Smith / Valley Station