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About The Local Weekly
Hello, I am Trevor Hemingway and publisher of The Local Weekly.  The Local Weekly is a small newspaper for South Louisville, exclusively.  I was born, raised, and continue to live in the South End.  I currently reside in PRP where I have lived for the past 7 years.  I have felt, for a long time that South Louisville has always been treated differently when it came to investment  and infrastructure in our area.  I wanted to do something for South Louisville. I decided to create The Local Weekly as a way to bring our community together and to network and advertise area businesses, customers, schools, churches, and other organizations.  The Local Weekly is a free newspaper that is distributed to local restaurants, hotels, motels, barber shops, and waiting rooms of all types.  Anyplace people have to wait.  A paper that can be read while customers wait to be seated, read while they eat, or wait for their doctor’s appointment.  The main distribution will be concentrated to the areas of Pleasure Ridge Park, Valley Station, Iroquois, Auburndale, Beechmont, River Port, and Shively.  Currently, The Local Weekly can be picked up at over 90 South Louisville locations.  New locations are being added daily until we have at least 90 to 100 locations where The Local Weekly can be picked up for free.  Circulation is now at 10,000 every 4 weeks with over 10,000 readers every month.
The Local Weekly has local news, sports, what to do, and more about Southern Jefferson County.  The paper has only positive stories meant for easy and light reading.  It is updated and delivered weekly.  The “Local News” section provides stories about South and Southwest Louisville.  The “Sports” section focus is on elementary, middle, and high schools sports in our area.   The “What to Do” section lists events and happenings for schools, churches, and organizations in South and Southwest Louisville.  The remainder of the paper is weird news from around the world, famous quotes, and strange facts.  Also included in the paper is a chance for the readers to win fifty dollars a month.  The Local Weekly is home of the News Hound Raffle.  Locate the News Hound’s head in an ad and complete the entry form to enter for your chance at $50 every month.  Enter online too.  Enter as many times as you like one winner every month.  If you have any questions, have an event you would like listed, or have a story idea please call me anytime.  I appreciate this opportunity to serve the South End.  Email your comments to

Best Regards
Trevor Hemingway
Can you find the most lost dog in Southern Jefferson County?